General Terms

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  • The site's independent maintenance is overseen by Sandeesh TS (CRAFT MY COMPUTER), with content ownership vested in CRAFT MY COMPUTER.
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  • The unilateral right to suspend or terminate service rests with CRAFT MY COMPUTER in the event of technical aberrations impacting security or proper administration.
  • Valuing the privacy of associates, CRAFT MY COMPUTER refrains from utilizing or disclosing personal information without explicit consent.
  • The prerogative to decline service is retained unilaterally at any given juncture.
  • Utilization of information about individuals is strictly governed by permissions, with due consideration for privacy concerns articulated by users.

Sales terms

  • Our on-site warranty exclusively pertains to fully assembled computers procured from our establishment.
  • A comprehensive 2-year on-site warranty is extended to all metropolitan areas across India
  • The scope of our on-site warranty service is limited to diagnosing computer issues and facilitating replacement or repair under the umbrella of the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Any enhancements or modifications to the original system configuration are explicitly excluded from on-site warranty coverage, with additional charges applicable for such services.
  • We explicitly disavow any responsibility for losses or damages arising from direct client engagement with on-site warranty technicians without prior notification to our establishment.
  • Third-party accessories, including but not limited to custom cable sleeves, mini displays, RGB strips/lights, GPU support brackets, USB modules, wireless dongles, capture cards, sound cards, cabinet UV printing, custom GPU backplates, toys, and other decorative items, fall outside the ambit of on-site warranty coverage.
  • Peripherals, encompassing monitors, printers, routers, mice, keyboards, headsets, mouse pads, gaming chairs, etc., are expressly excluded from on-site warranty coverage.
  • Items eligible for on-site warranty coverage are confined to complete PC builds under a single invoice. This encompasses the computer cabinet, CPU, motherboard, GPU, CPU cooler, storage drives, power supply, and RAM.
  • On-site warranty activation is contingent upon a demonstrated necessity for on-site service that cannot be reasonably addressed through phone or virtual system guidance.
  • The allocation of an on-site warranty technician may take anywhere from 3 to 20 days.
  • On-site warranty may experience delays or cancellations due to unforeseeable circumstances, including but not limited to war, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, strikes, lockdowns, government holidays, festivals, etc.
  • Craft My Computer reserves the right to refuse or cancel on-site warranty at any given time.
  • The on-site warranty and manufacturer warranty becomes null and void in the event of physical damage, water damage, burn damage, tampering with warranty stickers, or any hardware alterations made to the computer.
  • Engaging in any hardware upgrades or modifications to the computer within the on-site warranty period without prior approval from Craft My Computer will lead to the nullification of the on-site warranty.
  • The manufacturer reserves the authority to decline replacement or repair if it is determined that the product does not adhere to their warranty terms and conditions. The process for warranty-related replacement and repair is exclusively managed by the manufacturer.
  • Implicit acknowledgment, reading, and agreement to these terms post-payment are presumed on the part of the client.
  • Computer relocation assistance is not covered by the on-site warranty, which is limited to diagnosing and repairing/replacing the computer under manufacturer warranty. The on-site warranty for a specific component ceases when it is no longer under manufacturer warranty.

Cancellation Policy:

1. Cancellation Process:

Customers have the option to request cancellation conveniently through the order panel on our website. Alternatively, they may initiate cancellation by sending an email or contacting us via phone call.

 Note: All cancellation requests must be made prior to order dispatch. Once an order has been dispatched, cancellation requests cannot be accommodated.

2. Refund Policy:

  • The convenience fee charged on orders is non-refundable if the cancellation is initiated by the buyer. However, if the cancellation is initiated by us, a full refund of the order amount will be issued.

    Customers are not entitled to cancel contracts for custom goods. Custom PC systems, tailored to customer specifications, are subject to cancellation charges as follows:

    • Paperwork Stage (within 24 hours of order placement): 15% of Invoice Value
    • Components Allocated and Build has commenced: 70% of Invoice Value
    • Build has been completed: 100% of Invoice Value
    • These charges apply only when initiated by the buyer; no charges will be incurred if the cancellation is initiated by us.

3. Warranty Claims:

Customers experiencing issues with products within their warranty period are encouraged to contact us via email or phone call. We strive to assist our customers to the fullest extent possible and uphold a liberal cancellation policy.


  • Component orders carry an in-house warranty, with customers assuming shipping charges to the designated service center.
  • Assembled Systems priced above 2L boast a comprehensive 2-year doorstep warranty in all major metropolitan areas of India, detailed within the accompanying warranty terms accompanying the final invoice.
  • The terminology "Direct Warranty" or "Manufacturer Warranty" signifies direct coverage by the respective Manufacturer/Distributor.
  • Customers are enjoined to furnish copies of our invoice and delivery challan for warranty service purposes, with the attendant shipping costs borne by them.
  • Warranties exclusively apply to products maintained in optimal physical condition. Instances of broken or damaged components, burnt pins, or tampered warranty stickers result in automatic rejection and warranty nullification.
  • Warranty parameters strictly address manufacturing defects as defined by the prevailing policies of the manufacturer. Local service centers are designated to handle warranty-related claims
  • Products within the warranty ambit undergo either repair or replacement in accordance with the prevailing policies of the manufacturer or supplier.
  • We retain the prerogative to reject materials presented for warranty lacking essential accessories, manuals, CDs/DVDs, or original packaging.
  • Any service-related litigation or concerns should be directed to the manufacturers/distributors/company direct dealer address. Our liability does not extend to any ensuing legal matters.
  • Fulfillment of warranty service mandates adherence to stipulated payment terms by the due date.

Return & Refund Policy:

  • Returns are not accepted for custom products. Refund requests are only considered under specific circumstances, such as receiving a damaged product or receiving the wrong item in error. Customers must notify us of such issues within 24 hours of receiving the product or upon unboxing.
  • Returns or refunds will not be granted if the product seal is broken and the product is not faulty. Additionally, requests will be voided if any part or accessory of the product is missing.
  • Customers are advised to retain the packaging material until the return window is open to facilitate safe packaging for return shipment.
  • The product must be returned in its original condition, and no tapes or glues should be applied directly to the product box to avoid damage during return transit.
  • All accessories originally delivered with the product must be returned alongside the product.
  • Refunds will be issued to the same account used for payment via our payment gateway. For payments made via bank transfer, refunds will be processed to the buyer's bank account. Refunds typically take 7 to 10 working days to reflect in the customer's account.

Warranty Coverage:

All products supplied by the Supplier are backed by a standard 3-year Return to Base (RTB) warranty. The warranty coverage for individual parts is subject to the terms and conditions set forth by the respective manufacturer.

RTB (Return to Base) Warranty:

Under the RTB warranty, should any component develop a fault within the warranty period, customers are required to return the faulty part to the CRAFT MY COMPUTER service center. Subsequently, CRAFT MY COMPUTER will dispatch the replaced or repaired part to the customer.

DOA (Dead on Arrival) Policy:

In the event of a product failing to start, function, or showing physical damage upon delivery (DOA), customers must promptly notify CRAFT MY COMPUTER and provide an unboxing video as evidence within the specified DOA policy period. CRAFT MY COMPUTER will promptly address the issue either on-site or arrange for free return pickup. However, failure to provide the requisite video or proof of physical damage will render the claim invalid.

Warranty Exceptions:

  • Consumer Hard Drives are covered by a 2-year warranty, deviating from the standard 3-year warranty term.
  • ARGB Strip Lights, Custom Cables, ARGB Backplate, ARGB PSU Shroud are covered by a 1-year warranty.
  • Custom UV Print and Airbrush has no warranty.

Return Policy:

The buyer bears the pickup shipping charges, which will be refunded only if the products are found to be faulty under the RTB warranty. Shipping charges will not be reimbursed for products found to be in working condition. Items displaying physical damage, not attributable to regular usage, will not be accepted. Any such items received will be returned to the buyer at their expense.

Damage or Defect Reporting:

Customers are required to report any delivery damages within 24 hours by either writing to the Supplier via the website's Contact Us section or emailing support@craftmycomputer.com. Defects under warranty or other grievances concerning the goods must be reported to CRAFT MY COMPUTER in writing via the website's Contact Us section within 3 days of discovery and unboxing video must be provided for proof and all original contents including packaging should be returned at it’s original state, failed to do so will result in cancellation of return/replacement.


Accessories and Peripherals  (e.g., mouse, mouse pad, external drive, components etc..), are not covered by warranty. CRAFT MY COMPUTER bears no responsibility for faults in these items, as they are provided as-is by the respective manufacturer. This warranty excludes defects resulting from fair wear and tear, deliberate damage, accidents, negligence by the customer or any third party, usage contrary to the Supplier's recommendations, failure to adhere to the Supplier's instructions, or unauthorized alterations or repairs.

Items for mining purposes are not retailed.

Craft my computer bears no responsibility for software instability

Craft My Computer is not liable for damages during shipping.  Reimbursement is solely the responsibility of the courier company.

EDL Location Support:

Limited or no onsite support is available for EDL locations, with DOA cases addressed under specific conditions.


  • CRAFT MY COMPUTER and its contributors diligently strive for accuracy and currency in the information presented on this website, disclaiming liability for any ensuing loss or damages.
  • The absence of warranties accompanies the information provided, acknowledging potential technical inaccuracies. CRAFT MY COMPUTER holds no liability for special, indirect, or consequential damages.
  • Documents and graphics may be subject to technical errors, with improvements or changes occurring periodically. External links provided for convenience do not imply an endorsement by CRAFT MY COMPUTER, and individual opinions expressed therein do not necessarily align with or receive endorsement from CRAFT MY COMPUTER.