Keeping Your PC Cool and Quiet

with Custom Liquid Cooled PCs

What is a Liquid Cooled PC?

A custom liquid-cooled PC involves using a liquid cooling system, typically composed of tubes, water blocks, pumps, and radiators, to cool the components of a computer, such as the CPU and GPU. Unlike traditional air cooling with fans, liquid cooling is more efficient at dissipating heat.
Water blocks

These are specialized components that replace air coolers on your CPU and GPU. They have channels for the liquid to flow through, absorbing heat from the components.


Flexible and Ridged tubes connect various components, allowing the liquid to circulate through the system.


A pump circulates the liquid through the system, ensuring a constant flow.


These heat exchangers dissipate heat from the liquid. Fans are attached to the radiators to further cool the liquid.


A reservoir is included in custom liquid cooler PCs to store coolant, facilitate air bleeding, and maintain a consistent coolant level in the system. It also helps in minimizing the risk of air bubbles and ensures efficient cooling performance by keeping the loop properly filled with coolant.

Why choose Liquid Cooling?

Choosing a custom liquid-cooled PC over traditional air cooling has several advantages, making it an appealing option for certain users:

Improved Cooling Performance

Liquid cooling is generally more efficient at dissipating heat than air cooling. This can result in lower temperatures for your components, which is especially beneficial for overclocking.

Aesthetics and Customization

Custom liquid cooling loops offer a visually striking appearance. Users can choose colored coolants, add lighting effects, and customize the tubing routes, creating a unique and aesthetically pleasing system.

Quiet Operation

Liquid cooling systems tend to operate more quietly than some high-performance air coolers. This can be appealing for users who prioritize a quieter computing environment.

Overclocking Potential

With lower temperatures, custom liquid cooling can provide a stable environment for overclocking, allowing users to push their hardware beyond stock settings for increased performance.

Why choose hired professional to build a liquid cooled pc?

Choosing a trained professional to handle your custom liquid-cooled PC offers several advantages:

Professionals with liquid cooling experience can improve system efficiency and reliability through their expertise in components, configurations, and challenges.

Professionals ensure custom liquid-cooled PC assembly is leak-free by expertly creating secure connections, preventing potential component damage.


Professionals optimize liquid cooling systems for peak performance by expertly placing components, choosing suitable coolant, and ensuring effective heat dissipation.

Professionals can quickly identify and address issues, saving time and preventing hardware damage.

Some manufacturers offer warranties on pre-assembled liquid-cooled systems built by professionals. This can provide added peace of mind and protection for your investment.