About Us

CRAFT MY COMPUTER, situated in Bangalore, features a compact yet highly efficient team dedicated to ensuring our customers consistently receive top-notch service. Our commitment entails delivering a seamless purchasing journey complemented by outstanding post-sales assistance. Approaching PC RIG construction as a passion rather than a mere business, we are dedicated to providing unmatched value for your investment. Our specialization lies in the creation of customized water-cooled computers, presenting a wide array of personalization possibilities. Don't hesitate to inquire about any distinctive requirements you may have. Prior to shipping, all computer systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure both software and hardware stability. This includes subjecting water-cooled PCs to a thorough 48 to 96-hour leak test. You can be confident that your computer will be meticulously packaged and delivered straight to your doorstep

Experience unparalleled performance and aesthetics with our custom water-cooled PC systems. At CRAFT MY COMPUTER, we take PC gaming and creative workstations to the next level by combining cutting-edge hardware with advanced liquid cooling solutions.

Our water-cooled PCs are meticulously crafted to deliver not only exceptional thermal performance but also a stunning visual appeal. Each system is equipped with a high-performance water cooling loop that efficiently dissipates heat, allowing your components to operate at their peak potential without compromise.

Why Us

Secure Shipping

Reliable, Secure Shipping Ensures Your PC Arrives Intact and Ready to Unleash. *

3-Year Doorstep + RTB Warranty

Standard RTB(return to base) warranty for all PC builds. Builds over 2 Lakhs include 2-year premium doorstep warranty + 1-year RTB warranty & lifetime online tech support. Terms apply.

Free Windows

Enjoy a Free Windows OS on Us for Your New PC

72-Hour Stability Test

Rigorous Stability Testing Ensures Your PC is Ready to Perform, Straight Out of the Box.

Lifetime Tech Support

Lifetime Tech Support