Glorious X36 Unlubed Panda Tactile Switches (GLO-SWT-HPANDA)

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Key Features
  • Glorious Panda Tactile Switches
  • The Legend
  • Reborn
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Precise Switching: Glorious Panda switches for mechanical keyboards offer a very precise and clearly noticeable switching point, enhancing both typing and gaming experiences on keyboards equipped with these switches.

High Compatibility: Glorious Gaming Panda Mechanical Switches are three-pole switches, similar to Cherry MX and Kalih switches, ensuring compatibility with the vast majority of sockets for mechanical keyboards.

Key Caps: Utilizing a popular mounting profile like that of the Cherry MX, these switches allow for seamless adjustment and customization of key switches on keyboards.

High-Quality: Glorious prioritizes high-quality materials, with the top cover of INVYR made of polycarbonate, the lower cover crafted from PA66 nylon, the shaft constructed of POM, and the spring composed of nickel-plated stainless steel. These switches are not pre-lubricated, offering users even more customization options.

  • Engineered with premium materials sourced globally, the feeling of Glorious Pandas can be described as very snappy and responsive tactile switches.
  • They feature a strong 'bump' at the start of the downstroke with a quick snap back to position in the upstroke, resulting in less pre-travel, smoother operation, and a quicker snap back compared to their "holy" cousin.
Tech Specs
‎Glorious PC Gaming Race
‎Glorious PC Gaming Race, Glorious LLC
‎Panda Unlubed
Item Height
‎0.19 Centimeters
Item Width
‎0.15 Centimeters
Product Dimensions
‎0.15 x 0.15 x 0.19 cm; 88 Grams
Item model number
Hardware Platform
Operating System
‎Linux,Mac,Windows 7
Are Batteries Included
Included Components
‎• 36 x Panda Switches • 1 x Panda Sticker
‎Glorious PC Gaming Race
Country of Origin
Item Weight
‎88 g
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