Glorious X36 Lubed Lynx Mechanical Linear Switches (GLO-SWT-LYNX-LUBED)

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Key Features
  • Glorious Lynx Linear Switches
  • A New Breed of Linear Switch
  • Compatible With All GMMK Models
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Introducing the Glorious Lynx Linear Switches, a revolutionary addition to the world of linear switches.

Offering a silky smooth and precisely responsive typing experience, these premium mechanical switches elevate your keyboard usage to new heights.

  • Crafted with globally sourced materials, Glorious Lynx switches ensure a satisfyingly smooth key press.
  • Engineered with tight manufacturing tolerances, they produce a clean and thocky sound, enhancing the overall typing experience.
  • Designed for ergonomic comfort, the switches feature a 60-gram spring weight to prevent finger cramping during extended typing sessions.
    1. For those seeking optimal sound and performance straight out of the box, lubed Glorious Lynx switches come pre-applied with G-Lube on the upper housing, spring, and stem of each switch, eliminating the need for any additional preparation or disassembly and offering hassle-free installation and immediate enjoyment.
    2. Compatible with all GMMK models, Glorious Lynx switches seamlessly integrate into your setup, with their cross-style stem (+) accommodating all mechanical keyboard keycaps and a cutout in their housing allowing LED backlighting to pass through for added customization options.
    3. Please note that to ensure compatibility with the GMMK 1, it's necessary to clip each switch's two nylon legs prior to installation.
Tech Specs
Polycarbonate top housing, Nylon bottom housing, & stem material made of POM
5-pin PCB Mount
SMD RGB light hole for RGB compatibility, compatible with all + stem keycaps, compatible with all GMMK models. Compatible with GMMK 1 if legs are clipped
Light Blue
Bottom Out Force
60g ± Variance
36 switches per pack
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